UNIH Hand Operated Drone, Flying Toys with 360°Roll & Surround Function, Mini UFO Drones for Kids, Drone Toys for 10 Year Old Boys

  1. UFO Drone for Kids: UFO drone has 5 infrared motion sensors, can detect any obstacles around it to prevent hitting and damaging things. The toy drone is made of high-grade ABS material which is lightweight and flexible. With full protection guard, you have no worries of being hurt by propellers to your kids

  1. Hand Operated Drones for Kids: Hold the flying drone in hand and toss gently into the air, then release hand the kids drone will take off automatically. If you don't operate for 1 to 2 seconds, the drones will descend to a certain height and hover again. Once sensed your close, the drone will rise again, which is fascinating and attractive for the kids


  1. 360°Rotating & Surround Function: One is two hands at the same time on both sides of the flying toys, and then down induction to achieve the rollover function. The other one is two hands at the same time on both sides of the flying toys, and then one side induction, Realize the surround function


  1. Best Cool Toys and Gifts for Kids: UFO drone for kids only takes 40 mins to fully charge, and the flight time is 6~8 mins. It is the perfect amount of time for kids. This way they can play once or twice a day for a while and they won’t get tired of hand drones so quickly


  1. Precautions: If the flying ball drone indicator light turns red, It means the battery is running at low voltage, descend the UFO drone slowly and recharge the drones. USB charging cable is in the package