Our Story

our story
A Letter From A  Father

"Be like a sea urchin." My family grew up along the seaside. My father told me this more than once.

After my daughter was born, I finally got to understand what it means, so I named her "Uni" for short , hoping that she would become a person with the "spirit of sea urchin."

"What are sea urchins like?" The sea urchin is hard and spiny outside but soft inside, so I also want my daughter “Uni” to be like that, knowing how to protect herself to be safe while being simple and have fun.


                                                                                                UNIH's founder


        WHY   UNIH

With a father's love for the kid, Terrance created UNIH, a brand named after his daughter, adding with the family name Capital “H”, encouraging “Uni” and reminding him of the mission as a father.

In this world, there are thousands of people who are parents like Terrence, and there are thousands of unique babies. “I wish every child may have the spirit of sea urchin when playing with toys, and also hope that toys can reduce some of the pressure of parenting for young parents.” So we make toys more fun and safe!

As the common symbolic meaning of sea urchin, it also represents the rare youth. We also hope that UNIH toys can accompany kids during their rare youth and when they look at the UNIH toys years after, these remind them of quality and joyful time with their families.



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Safety Matters


All our toys for children are tested to the most exacting international standards for safety set forth by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).