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Woodpecker Early Education Toy for Motor Skills

Woodpecker Early Education Toy for Motor Skills

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  The woodpecker toy is designed for toddlers over 2 years of age, which equipped with 9 bugs. The mother bird has a magnet in her mouth to attract bugs and then feeds the birds after getting the stick bugs.

  It takes a little pressure and controlled movement to pull each insect out,  kneading and hand-eye coordination to put the insect back into the tree. Press the mother bird's wings will emit sweet music and light, press the beak will emit a simulated bird call.

  kids can grasp with their hands to increase control and flexibility in different parts of their body, such as their fingers and wrists. This is fun and a practical tool to improve your kid's motor skills and color recognition skills.

  • Ages2+
  • ColorGreen
  • Package size9.8*5*7.8 inch
  • Surface material Plastic
  • Cpsia warning: ChockingHazardSmallParts
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